General Terms and Conditions

Article I

All offers are made in duplicate. The Idant receives 2 copies of these, one of which is returned for approval.

Article 2

Tenders shall be drawn up by date and be valid for a period of thirty days.

Article 3

Terms of payment upon acceptance of the offer: a 50% deposit and the balance upon delivery. In case the customer cancels the offer, the advance payment serves as compensation.

Article 4

Any delivery period given is no more than an agreed target date, which will be adhered to as far as possible. Any delays shall never give rise to cancellation of the order or to compensation.

Article 5

The final invoice will be paid within 7 days without discount upon delivery of the offer. Remarks or complaints must be made in writing and by registered mail within 8 days. After all, any damage ascertained afterwards will be fully at the expense and responsibility of the customer.

Article 6

Unpaid invoices shall by operation of law and without the necessity of a notice of default incur interest on arrears of 1 0/0 per month. In addition, a fixed compensation of 100/0 of the total invoice amount with a minimum of eur 50 shall be provided.

Article 7

Disputes shall be settled exclusively by the courts of Antwerp, which shall have sole jurisdiction.

Article 8

Delivered goods shall never be taken back unless the Seller has expressly agreed to this in writing.

Article 9

The non-payment of a single invoice on the due date renders the balance due of all other invoices, even those not yet due, immediately payable, with all collection costs borne by the buyer.

Article 10

If the buyer fails to fulfil his obligations, the sale may be terminated by operation of law and without notice of default, without prejudice to the seller's rights to all damages and interest. The seller's written expression of intent shall suffice for this purpose.

Article I I

The buyer shall only become owner of the delivered goods upon full payment thereof. In any case, he denies the right to alienate these goods until that time. Any failure to comply with the latter provision exposes the buyer to legal action on the basis of Article 491 of the Penal Code.