Pieter Porters was born in Leut, near Maasmechelen. As a young florist, he came to Antwerp in the early 1990s for an internship, where he decided to stay. He opened his own flower shop and soon became famous: his first book, Fit and Bound, sold 250,000 copies worldwide.

Soon after opening his shop, he was asked to supply plants and even furniture. Eventually, this evolved into a total interior design service: House of Porters was born.

With its typically warm and timeless style, it turns a home into a stylish and opulent place with a soul, where it is pleasant to linger, where you want to touch things and where light scents and warmth adapt to your way of life.

"It doesn't matter if things are old or new, as long as they have a soul."

Our Mission

At House of Porters, we want to create a timeless world, a world where people feel comfortable. We do this by listening extensively to our clients, formulating a detailed advice and implementing it. We help build a house both inside and out or bring atmosphere to an existing interior with a few well-chosen accessories.

In each case, we stand for warmth, light, homeliness and comfort, designed to grow and evolve with the residents throughout their lives.

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What use is a beautiful house or interior if you do not dare to live in it? If you are afraid to get something dirty or to damage it? In our eyes, a house should be a warm nest, a place where you can relax after a busy day, a place where family and friends are welcome. The interior should serve you as a resident and adapt to your state of mind.

To achieve this, we like to take the time to listen to you in detail and we always start from your needs.

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