Six special scents presented as candles and room fragances

Every scent in the collection has its own separate identity and in addition is so natural that it can be worn on the skin. That is the great difference from other home fragrances, which often contain chemicals and harmful substances. The selection of natural raw materials for Pieter Porters Home Fragrance line is so refined that it brings about a lovely evolution on the skin. A very special home fragrance indeed!


Six craftsman-made candles with the same scents complete the range. A luxury item, because black candle grease is synonymous with a difficult manufacturing process. Like the scents, the candles are set in black-lacquered glass.


Pearl spring – The scent is luxuriantly present and recalls the atmosphere of a floral spring of times past.


Fig & Blossom – A delicate, fresh, grass-green scent mingled with fig blossom.


Tropical Rain – An exotic, restorative scent to give you a feeling of well-being. It speaks for itself that the cover of this book should also be perfumed with this scent.


Senses of Madagascar – A woody scent with a contrast of citrus and vanilla.