House of Porters

More than just a shop..


Walking into House of Porters - Porters’ own city castle - is a special experience. ‘Enjoy and dare to live differently’, is our house motto. The 3000m² boast a multitude of rooms and even hotels suites, each with their own style, character and atmosphere.


Formerly a bank, an auction room, the Austrian consulate and even part of the Ministry of Finances, the building was acquired by Porters after being unoccupied for fifteen years.


Stripped bare and completely redecorated, this great urban fortress in the heart of Antwerp now serves as a showroom & shop space housing a treasury of furniture, decoration material, fabrics and wallpaper.


You can look around freely and breathe in our unique lifestyle experience, or rather "A Way of Living", as Pieter Porters would put it.