An inspiration

Pieter began his career as young florist when he arrived in Antwerp during the 90's. From his first book "Geschikt & Gebonden" 250.000 copies were sold worldwide, which got him into the top sellers of the genre, not a bad pigeonhole to be in!


Senses of Living

In 2003 Pieter Porters launches his fourth interiorbook "Senses of Living" in four languages at once. The versatility of the decorator results in the presentation of more then 15 realizations where he succeeds every time again to create a timeless world in which the souls of the designer and of those living there and the house itself are perfectly fused. More then 250 pictures in combination with the poetic but sharp pen of Hugo Camps will inspire you, too, but above all, will encourage you to dare to enjoy life in an environment that creates friendship and openness.


Elegance & Decadence

With the luxurious book "Elegance & Decadence" Pieter Porters shows that he doesn't just decorate a room, but very livable interiors in very different styles : from sumptuous classical to sober minimalism.  The interiors we illustrate in this book show perfectly what House of Porters stands for: sumptuous, homely, warm and elegant, with now and then a touch of decadence. The soft linen cover and the discreet fragrance of the book are already an experience.

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