'Our Interiors are designed to receive people. Guests should always feel welcome.'

The House of Porters is the place where you can experience, see, feel, smell and hear our philosophy of living. The shop and showrooms of this great urban fortress in the heart of Antwerp house a treasury of furniture, decoration material, fabrics and wallpaper. You can look around freely and breathe in our unique lifestyle experience in the fully fitted-out showrooms and shop.


The workshop makes the House of Porters unique and different from other interior decoration businesses. Here craftsmen give antique and patina finishes to furniture and decorative pieces, and existing pieces of clients’ furniture undergo a metamorphosis, so that they fit in perfectly with their new interior.


The splendid party rooms are regularly used for meetings or parties, but if you want to be completely submerged in our lifestyle experience, we invite you to come to one of the three special suites. From the luxurious beds to the exquisite breakfast: here you will find out for yourself what the House of Porters stands for.


Experience the atmosphere at our showroom:
Monday - Saterday: 12h - 18h30.